I want to show the section external_work_history; when thiscustom_do_you_hav_ dropdown get yes value

Screenshot 2023-10-10 151022

@amal_31845 yes should be a string “Yes” .

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Screenshot 2023-10-10 152746

Not working do i need to make the previous experience as hidden

You do not need to write (=“yes”;)
It is enough to write the following:

eval:doc.custom_do_you_hav_ previous experience

[quote=“MohamedAbdulsalam, post:5, topic:111138”]
eval:doc.custom_do_you_hav_ previous experience
[/quote] In where the dropdown permission or in the section i want to show

@amal_31845 I guess ‘have’ is missing an ‘e’ eval:doc.custom_do_you_have_previou_experience=="Yes";

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in the section i want to show

@MohamedAbdulsalam it’s a select field not a check . you have to write the content.

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i have provided everyting thi s is my first time of doing depends on so help me out to overcome this

I think I misunderstood you,
What I suggested here,

It will show the “External_work_history” section only if the “custom_do_you_hav_previous experience” field already has a value, whether it is yes or no… or any value, “not empty”.

@bahaou And yes, I think this will work, even if it’s a select field…

@amal_31845 However, exactly what you want is to show the “External_work_history” section only if the value of the “custom_do_you_hav_previous experience” field is equal to “Yes”.
In this case, you will need to write the line, in the Depend on property of the section field itself…

eval:doc.custom_do_you_hav_ previous experience=="Yes";

As bro. @bahaou told you ^ ^

Just try this,

eval:doc.custom_do_you_have_ previou_experience == “Yes”

double check your field name, it should work.