I want to trigger a web hook when a Sales Order submit to db

But even I request the URL which I provided, It is not working. how can I solve it???

I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying. When you try to access the webhook URL directly, it doesn’t work? That sounds like a problem with your webhook, not ERPNext.

On the ERPNext side, did you follow the instructions in the documentation:

You can test using requestbin.net or something similar.

I was trying to access Request URL which I have given above image.

There’s nothing obviously wrong with the settings in the picture, but I don’t know anything about how your endpoint is configured. The problem is very likely there. What kind of application sits at the request URL?

Hey Peterg,

Firstly I needed to check it using postman.

Are you confusing webhooks and REST API?
Webhooks are used to notify another endpoint or an app from ERPNext.
The way this works is, when a sales order is updated, erpnext sends a request to https://demo1.techroot.lk/so.
If you want to get a list of sales orders in JSON, you should send a GET request to [https://demo1.techroot.lk/api/resource/Sales Order](https://demo1.techroot.lk/api/resource/Sales Order)

For more info on REST APIs in ERPNEXT check this out Introduction