I want to use MSSQL as a database

I want to use MSSQL as a database. Is it possible to change MariaDB to MSSQL?


Currently it is not possible to use any database other than MariaDB. Frappe does have some level of PostgreSQL support, but it is only for the Frappe framework itself, and the 1000s of custom queries in ERPNext were not converted to PostgreSQL yet.

In this post I outlined a strategy to refactor the database layer and add PostgreSQL support to ERPNext:

The same strategy would allow us to support MS SQL more easily.

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I am curious as to why? What benefits does MSSQL offer that MySQL does not?

my guess… MSSQL just exists in a particular scenario.

I wouldn’t regard that a good enough reason to add the trouble of running a not supported db to anybody’s plate

One positive of supporting a database such as MSSQL is for hosting scenarios like Azure where you’re paying $5/mo to get started… then $10-15/mo as you continue to grow and need to keep perf. reasonable for users. I’m trying to determine if MariaDB can be used the same in Azure, where it’s per-unit pricing or not.

First sorry for late reply
my client want to MSSQL because he have support from Microsoft.

Maybe you can use api