I want ver 7 but it doesnt install correctly on unbuntu

I have blown away 3 vm to exclude user error and get vs 7 installed on most recent Ubuntu…goes through the easy install script and shows the new webpage cant login after a reboot nothing… please document detailed instructions for most recent Ubuntu trying to use this product but forums offer little information this should work…

have you tried install on 14.04?

yes but why the problems with the new version of Ubuntu 14 is eol

16.04 is officially supported as of now, but 14.04 is eol in 2019, so you have time either way.

Try using a VM image from here https://erpnext.com/download

If you have any error logs, they would help diagnose any problems you are having as well, so be sure to post those if the problem persists.

That does not really solve the problem I want to install it on the most recent version of Ubuntu that’s stable not 14…

are you running in development mode?

After reboot have you checked if nginx service is running

Closing this for now. If the problem remains, contact a moderator to reopen.