I wanto use ERPNext to inventory requisition, issue and management system for Govt of India

Dear Sir,

I am working as a developer in M/o Info tech, GoI and we are planning to build generic kind of inventory solution which would be implemented across india in govt organization for managing their inventory items and to keep to track of inventory items issued to various govt official.
Is it possible to use open source frappe framework to build this kind of solution… so we should go for a simpler solution developed from scratch…

So, ERPNext is built on top of the Frappe Framework. If ERPNext seems like an overkill to what you’re trying to do, then maybe just use the Frappe Framework to make it. Frappe has it’s advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages being that there’s a lot of inbuilt functionality in the framework, and the entire data model structure is done via UI, and disadvantage being that it lacks documentation to do things, and sometimes you have to fight the framework to make it work.

Generally, with a framework you may be able to kickstart quickly, but you may have issues later where you’re trying to add functionality but you’re not sure how exactly, or the framework is fighting against you. If you develop from scratch, it may take you longer to get the first prototype, but it will be your codebase, and you’ll know how to use it well.

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