I would like to contribute in Arabic Translation of ERPnext

hallow ERPnext team…
I have good experience in ERP systems and have good English Language in addition that the Arabic language is my mother Language.
I see a lot of mistakes in translation to Arabic and I would like to contribute in this topic.
As rmehta Said …to feed water to the plant we are all getting fruit from!
Thanks and awaiting your replies


Glad to have active and dedicated members like you in ERPNext’s community. You can contribute in making this product better by helping us do the right translations. Please click on the link to do your translations.


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thank shachi
but when visit the translation website and login. the site not work. it means that no event when click on translation… please see following image

@KanchanChauhan I tried doing the same and was not able to click on the ‘Verify’ button as well. Please suggest what should be done?

I think we should create an issue to fix this

@dufani1 Yes, please to do so at GitHub - frappe/frappe: Low code web framework for real world applications, in Python and Javascript.

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@dufani1 @shachiTakalkar You are right, there seems to be some issue. Thanks for reporting it, we will take a look.

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@dufani1 Issue have been fixed. You can try now.

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