I18n documentation?

Where’s the documentation on how to localize ERPNext (or Frappe apps)?

I tried EPRNext in Finnish and the localization is so bad it’s completely useless so I’d like to contribute.

You can help translate here : https://translate.erpnext.com/
You can contribute your Chart of Accounts for your country here : https://charts.erpnext.com/

Thanks, I submitted a bunch of translation improvements.

I also found out there are several high-visibility items in the UI that are not found in the translation portal and thus cannot be translated. Should the translation portal be up to date with the latest translatables extracted from code, or is it lagging behind?

I assume issues should be raised in github tracker for such missing translatable strings?

Also, it seems some translatables are indicating the context by using a prefix. Is this correct? Ie. there’s something like “Leave Type Name” or “Customer Contact Name” that seem to indicate the string to translate is really “Name”, rather than the full translatable source. So in the first case it refers to name of a Leave Type, and in the second the name of a customer contact. However there is no sure way of telling whether this kind of prefixing rule is being used or not. Is this documented somewhere?

Also, I noticed there are two downloads; one for erpnext and one for frappe. Does that mean the translatables for both are happily mixed in the translation portal without any way to tell whether the source translatable string refers to something in ERPNext, or Frappe?