IBAN number isn't valid

When I try to add new bank account , whatever I put in IBAN Field there is massage The IBAN Number isn’t valid

Thanks for reporting this - here’s the validation code

and a basic test

To independently confirm that IBAN number is valid would be best to troubleshoot where the problem lies. For example here is a IBAN Checker: Validate & Check IBAN Number for Errors

This one IBAN checker: Validate an IBAN - Wise notes this:

“Your IBAN being in the right format isn’t a guarantee that it exists. Or that it represents the right destination.”


Mr Clarkej , thanks a lot for your effort , I checked an Iban number and when I entered it , the system saved it with no errors

Thanks again
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This was exactly the information required. Thanks @clarkej
Just enter the iban number according to International Bank Account Number - Wikipedia and it works.

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