Icon Badge Count

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to have the real number on the badge counter?

I only get 20+ like the image below:

In demo account aparently the limit to show the real count is 99+

Is there any place where I can configure it? Are there side effects if I increase the “badge limit”?

Thanks in advance to the community.

@applepipe Right now its hard-coded to 20

Its much easier on the database if you have to count upto 20!

You can edit here: frappe/notifications.py at develop · frappe/frappe · GitHub

But you will have to change the JS too (that limits it to 20+)


@rmehta this is very reasonable:

But I think it would be better on the main counter if that number could go to 100, its too easy for issues to cross 20 and I like knowing when theres a change in the indicators. Earlier screenshots of ERPNext suggest that it was this way before (i.e 99+).

In this case:

  1. I don’t see the hardcoded 20. Excuse me.
  2. Is this the same line if I need to increase the main counter in the image?
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I think the UI is stuck at 20, otherwise we updated to 100 so we can show 99+

let me fix this.


Thats weird, ERPNext is been this way since I started experimenting some 6 months ago. Thanks, looking forward to the fix.

Thanks… Just pushed a fix in develop


This should be considered in another enhancement ([enhancement] Option to set the maximum number of the badge count · Issue #8534 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub), for me for example 99+ is still not sufficient.

@rmehta, i have change in js but still i 20+ is not change in desktop. but it changed in top conner and inside.