Icon for a report

Hello community,

Anyone would know how to display add / display an icon leading to a report?

To be perfectly clear here is my situation: I have a report called “entrepreneurs_performances” in a module called sales_management. And I would like to add an icon for this report on the desk.

Here is the code I added in desktop file:

                "Performances": {
                    "color": "#16A085",
                    "icon": "icon-play",
                    "icon": "octicon octicon-clippy",
                    "label": _("Performances"),
                    "link": "entrepreneurs_performances",
                    "type": "page"

That does not work. I guess the link and type statements are wrong but I don’t know how to fix this.

Added a KB article on this:


Thx a lot for this. I did that already for modules and list but I can’t for a direct access to a report. Anyway it is not really relevant to make a direct access to a report so no pb.

Thx again