Idea to make custom translation more intuitive and easy

These days I tried to review existing simplified Chinese translations via the translation portal, also made some minor quick fix in my own instance via custom translation, but both approach for translation is far from easy and convenient, because there is only source text available for sorting, no module and doctype based filtering possible, especially when using the custom translation, it is needed to key in the source text!

for a more efficient custom translation, I would suggest the following

  1. make the translation relevant elements(control): field label, column header, status text, form/list/report title etc translatable, by double click on the label or any other attached icon to jump to the new translation form view with the existing source and translated text auto filled, ready to be corrected!

  2. or add module field into custom translation doctype, upon select the module, auto fetch all relevant source and translated text.

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Have you had a look at


So I suspect @szufisher did find it.

He does have a point that it’s very hard to translate if you can’t see the original text in its context. Some more reference to the context would really help to make things easier:slight_smile:

@Pawan, @Bas_de_Reus, Yes I do already used the translation portal to verify and edit the existing translation a lot, due to the fact that no sorting and filtering by module or doctype possible, also no batch updating via upload Excel file possible, in the portal, there is no context for the source to be translated, all in all it is not easy to translate using the translate portal!

for real users, they may only use certain features/ module, doctype or screen, if it is possible to directly translate relevant field/caption/title/header, then it is very handy for service providers to serve their customers when target language is not yet complete!

You can raise a GitHub issue with your suggestions.

issue created. [enhancement] double click translatable item to auto populate custom translation form to make custom translation more easy · Issue #4365 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

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I like this idea, is the behavior of dynamics360

thanks, let us expect some developer can implement this soon!

@szufisher check it, I think you can contribute in that discussion too!

Is something that we are working to improve the translation system of ERPNext


Hi,I have a lot of custom fields, I created it in English, and I need to translate it to Spanish because I’m from Argentina. I don’t understand how to do it simple and quickly. Thanks