Ideal GST Account-Tax rates-Item Mapping

Ideal GST Account-Tax rates-Item Mapping

1. GST HSN Codes Set Tax Rates

GST HSN Code DocType should mirror the way GST API is providing current Tax slab updates for a HSN code. This way we can integrate to have auto update on Tax slabs for HSCode

2. Sales Taxes and Charges Template, Purchase Taxes and Charges Template chart of account map[same as now]

3. Address

  • Set: State, GST Category, Tax Category[NEW]
  • Tax Category: for Overseas / Deem / SEZ we may do with GST or without GST under LUT.

4. Selection of Taxes and Charges Template In various Sales – Purchase DocTypes

Based on GST Category, State and Tax Category select corresponding Taxes and Charges Template which is pre-set with corresponding GST’s Chart of Accounts

5. Selection of Tax-Rate in Taxes and Charges Template

  • Based on any pre-set GST components in Taxes and Charges Template, Supplier’s(in case of Purchase) GST Category and Item’s HSN Code’s GST component Rates, GST component’s Rate can be set
  • [May be Challenge]: How to map “GST HSN Code”’s Tax Rate field to corresponding child of Taxes and Charges’s Child Table

How it is different from current setup

GST HSN Code - Item Tax Template Link: concern

  • Currently I believe GST HSN code-Item tax Template link not being used for determining Tax Rate an Item.
  • Advantage of setting Tax rates on GST HSN Code once-all the corresponding items linked to the HSN Code gets it. Also these rates can now be validates and updated if needed with GST API integration.
  • Item Tax Template link might be difficult to check and update GST Rates

Tax Category in Address instead with Customer / Supplier DocType

  • This allows us to setup Customer with multiple plant some GST regular register and some plant in SEZ/EOU to be set in right manner