IE Web browser not showing Username and Password fields

Hi All

When logging into a self-hosted install of ERPNext using Internet version 11.0.9600.18762 ERP next is not showing username and password fields to log in to?

Working fine on Google Chrome?

Anybody have any ideas why this occurs?



Are you on latest IE version ? If not, maybe upgrade and check.

Hi @Pawan

Thanks for the quick reply…

Running Windows 7 operating system and on IE11 version above, set to automatically update.

So yes on the most recent IE version.


You can check if you have turned off Java Script in browser

Hi @Pawan

Active scripting already enabled?

Thanks again.


ERPNext Works Better in Firefox and Chrome,why dont you try in either Chrome or Firefox

Hi @hereabdulla

Yes agreed, however client is using IE. :frowning:

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Hi all… would anybody else have any ideas as to how this IE browser issue may be resolved?

I still have the problem :frowning:



Have just checked on VM with Win7 — it takes longer than usual, but loads eventually.

Actually, upon further testing the login page loads almost immediately. Just needs some initial caching.