If I tick "only creator" for a role, the person doesn't get to see the reports

Hi all,

I am trying to make only sales users who created a sales lead see it, as I click “only creator” the leads get filtered, but the user is not able to see reports.

What’s the workaround?

Is the user equals creator? :thinking:

In this case, yes. But, reports are not showing.

Also, I am not getting the option for “Apply User Permissions” shown in many other threads.

I am doing this for a Sales user who handles CRM leads and opportunity. Therefore, for both those documents, the user will be the creator/owner.

Which version of Frappe/ERPNext do you use?
I’ll going to reproduce it on my test system

I am using v12 of ERPNext

Ok, i’ve tested it right now on frappe 12.1.6 and ERPNext 12.0.16 and all works fine :sweat_smile:

My user (system manager see everything):


My Test User (with restrictions as you descript):


Have your sales user maybe another role which overrules? :thinking:

@joelios I get this message when I click on report:

And, here are the user permissions set as per the administrator:

And, the permissions reflected for that particular user:

Very strange, my settings reflecting 1:1 yours :thinking:

which roles did monika also have? only sales user?
Did she have any user permission restrictions?

She only has sales user, and there are no other user permission restrictions she has.

Is your user able to see reports under the CRM module? Or are you getting the same error?

No, on any other (expect Lead) report from CRM i’ve get the same error:

Hmm - interesting.

Should we file a bug? Also, see this: Salary Slip is Showing to other employees (related)

The fact that I can not look at the other reports seems logical to me, as I presumably have no effective permissions.

The reason why the view of the leads report works for me and for you is not inexplicable to me until now. I’m not sure if this is a bug, because I can not reproduce the error.

that the Salary Slip is Showing to other employees now no longer exists, may be wanted. Unfortunately I do not know it.

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thanks @joelios for all the help so far!

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Could you find a solution to this? @Richa_Verma

Am also facing same issue when I tick “only creator” for a role, the person doesn’t get to see the reports

Could you find a solution to this? @Richa_Verma

version-14 frappe, ERPNext

I am also facing the same.