If I want to do my own customization UI under ERPNext application

Hello, I’m a student and I’m trying to do a workflow system for my faculty, basically leaves application and I want to know if there’s anyway I can use my own customized GUI linked with ERPNext system installed on my server.

I need to know the way I’m studying and trying to do is the right way, cause if I went the wrong way it’ll costs me a lot of time.

I also read about REST API but still don’t know the exact way how I bring it to work, I’ve done lots of works about designing and making website so these codes are quite a challenge for me,

hope everyone that comes by could help me out somehow <3, big thanks though!!
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Hi @7Dollars,

there are several options for this. Do you have specific requirements for your UI in terms of platform (web based, application, …)? Any more details would help to more specific answers.

The closest on ERPNext is obviously customising the system directly for your applications (which are already built-in). You could extend this on the basis of web pages.

Otherwise, from a web front end, integrate through the API. And, again on a standalone app, the API will provide all that is needed. Depending on the platform of you choice, check available API wrappers that might reduce development time drastically.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you for the fast reply :smiley: @lasalesi,

The customization of the UI, in this moment I think it’ll goes like https://kissflow.com template or something similar to this.
My professor suggests if there’d be a drag n’ drop function should be very good. So I tried to find way to develop that somehow.

That of course helps a lot!!! :heart:

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anyone comes up with something new? :open_mouth: