If site feature can help me?

I have multiple physical sites and I need each site to work even if there is no Internet connection. So each site will have its own hardware server.
But at the same time, I need when the Internet connection is available, then I need to have a synchronization in the CRM data, so if site 1 added one new customer then I need to see this new customer at site 2 and if site 3 added one new customer, I need to be able to see the new added customer at site 1.
If it possible to consider site 2 as the central site, it is also good.
Is it possible?

For now, there is no offline version available for CRM. Currently, it is only available for POS invoices. If you can arrange 3g/4g connection at a site, that should be sufficient enough for creating entries.

You can make such customization but you will have a really complex beast to deal with.

OK it is clear andefinition thank you.
But can I know for what the site feature is going to be used? Can I have example?


Site people generate submit Material Requests (for the materials required), Purchase Receipt (if permitted), Task and Timesheet etc. You as a System Manager can very much control the access of Site Users.


There is the option/avenue of using two way database mirroring. Where basically, each site becomes a slave & master. I’ve tested it once and there were no issues.

I had a similiar situation where the remote site did not always have reliable internet, therefore, had a local server installed and the users always accessed that server. While remote users accessed the online server. Both remained in sync (mirrored) constantly.

I would recommed you get a DBA to set it up for you, if you did want to go this route.


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