If statement base salary component

Hi Good Day, is there someone can guide me to right direction on how cani achieve this thing.

I have a list of range compensation for deductions for example the range compensation amount is from 8,250 to 8,7499 this is the bracket. When i have a salary of 8,500 which is under the bracket list i will get the amount of 340. How can i achieve this? Using formula or condition. Thanks.

Put this in your formula:

340 if (salary_component >8250 and (salary_component <= 8,7499) else if

salary_component is where you insert the abbreviation of your salary component. If you want the sum of several salary components, then you can do like this:

340 if ((salary_component1 + salary_component2) >8250 and(salary_component1 + salary_component2) <= 8,7499) else if

else if where you repeat the same formula for the second tier.

Hope it helps!

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Hi Sir Thank you for your big help… may i ask i try to use this condition B>=amount and B<=amount and i unchecked amount based on formula and input amount that i want to get. And it works the way i want it. My question now is am i doing things inproperly? Or im doing it the wrong way? Thank you

To use this formula, you have to check ‘Amount Based on Formula’.

Thanks Raymond your formula pattern is much proper than what im using for. Thank you again.

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i have tried this formula but it has failed to work

do we use else if or else only to enter another tier