If you don't specifically log out of app, then it thinks you're still logged in and then you can't re-log in until the cookie expires

I have searched the frappe docs as to why this might be occurring but have not been able to find an answer. I can see that I’m still logged in as admin but If I try to open the app It loads for about 1 second then kicks me back to the login screen.

Can you please elaborate what exactly you are doing?

I log in as admin and everything works. I’m able to access the site, but if I close the browser and then go back to the site it says I’m logged in as admin but when I try to access the profile it loads for about one second then kicks me out.

Try using:

bench --site [your.site.name] destroy-all-sessions

This should kill off al logins and allow you to get past the problem.

Hope this helps… :grin:


So I’d have to run that command every time I want to kill the session? I don’t understand why I can’t login when I says I’m logged in. All tokens and cookies are active and admin capabilities are on.

Hmm… I seem to remember something like this with the opera browser a few months ago. This really sounds more like a browser problem than an application problem.

What browser are you using?

Have you tried an alternate browser?