If you were me: Django VS Frappe

Dear Community,

Please don’t be biased! I need your recommendation for a friend of mine who has been saving his money to start his new project. He is referring to me for the technical stack of his project.

The overall project is a Mobile App that is something similar to Twitter and WhatsApp in the same time.

Your recommendation team really matters.

  1. So, what do you think. Does Frappe Framework fit this project?
  2. Are the batteries included in Frappe Framework not of use for this project, thus, it would add un-related functionality and complication?
  3. Do you think a Django based stack is a better option?

Waiting your kind contribution.

Thank you!

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I think frappe can be used to build microblogging platform. I’ll recommend keep the file uploads on S3.

I found this The Infrastructure Behind Twitter: Scale from 2017

Messaging/Video/Call may need more technologies
checkout jitsi, xmpp

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You certain could use Frappe for a microblogging service, but it seems unnecessary. As far as frameworks go, Frappe is quite domain specific. It’s designed primarily for transactional document systems. Most of the features (and thus overhead) would go unused. Also, front end templating, though present in Frappe, is not an area of strength. It seems like a bad fit.


Thank you, Revant. The S3 point is extremely important.

That’s so important article. Thank you for this input.

This is also my tendency. Frappe can be useful for anything, that’s true. But other tools would be better. Depends on the requirements.

Thank you all for your replies. Hope to hear more from others.

Sorry for not really answering your question, it goes beyond my knowledge.

But both things already exist in the Free Software world, ask your friend to take a look at Mastodon and Matrix And please consider Activity Pub for his development.

Good Luck

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