Ignore pricing rule on line item

Hello Everyone,

I have an invoice in my POS system with 2 line item. originally the two-line item is eligible for a discount in the ERP


However, my POS has the ability to override the discount by line item. Meaning the customer could decide not to give the discount on one line item.

My problem is when I override the discount on one line item am not able to tell the ERP via the API to not apply the discount set on the item in ERP.

I know there is a way to override the discount on the entire invoice by setting the ignore_pricing_rule =1. however, this will remove the discount for the other line item.

Is there a way to achieve override by line item?

ERP POS Profile

ERP Invoice after upload

Invoice line item with 5% discount

Hello Everyone,
After getting some sleep and think about this some more, I finally figure it out.
If you set in the ERP ignore the pricing rule and create the invoice from the API the ERP will not apply discounts. However, if you are creating invoices in the ERP you will need to manually give discounts to your customer. In my case this is not any issues because the invoices are created in the POS with automatic discount and upload to the ERP.

But I would still need to know how to ignore line item discount without using the global setting in POS profile.

Anyone any update on this? It is pain that cannot override the price rule in the invoice (e.g. on special discounts on that specific order)

You can set ignore_pricing_rule=1 on the line item. This worked very well for me. What version of ERP Next you using?

By setting on individual sales orders, delivery notes and the invoices
ignore_pricing_rule = 1
Solves the issue (with 13.49 and 14.21)

However, is there a way this to be the default settings?

My latest version:-
ERPNext: v14.21.0 (version-14)
Frappe Framework: v14.32.1 (version-14)