Ignore user permission

Ignore user permission not work in child table i want to get all employee name in child table of doctype but i don’t get it

What are the Role assigned to this User? For which Roles, permission is applied on Employee? Screenshot of Ignore User Permission checked for this field?

any solution for this??

For an Employee role, the default permission on Employee master itself is restricted. Can you assign Role like HR User to this User and check if it works? On other Doctypes, you can apply User Permission on HR User role as well.

I am using Sales Person and Sales Person Tree to control the access and restrict the document. Now in Sales Invoice I have a Sales Person Field to control the access and there is another Default Sales Person Field in ‘Sales Team’ Section which is used to calculate Incentive.

If two Sales Person are selected it create conflict. When I ‘Checked’ Ignore User Permission in Sales Team Child Table, it doesn’t work. Is there any way to make Ignore User Permission work over Child Table.

Hi @raj have you solved this? I have the same problem as yours. How can a Sales person see only his assigned customer and sales orders if user permission does not work on Sales Team details child tables visible on the customer and sales order? and other document?