Ignore_validate = True; in JScript

Is it possible to set ignore_validate = True; in JS? Say Custom Script?

Not out of the box. Ignoring validations is not a good idea :disappointed_relieved:

@saurabh6790 agreed its not the best idea but say for this use case:
In Sales Order there is a field called Customer Purchase Order, I would like to make this field editable after Submit but unfortunately this is a standard field.
Furthermore if I try to force it via a simple set_df_property the validation stops it.
So am thinking of ways around this.

Any good ideas? :grinning:

if you want that field to be editable after submit, go to the doctype and customize form, find the field and edit it, check allow on submit

@johnskywalker yes thats the correct way but this only works for custom fields, you cannot set allow on submit for standard fields. Thanks for trying though :slight_smile:

For standard fields we gotta bypass the validation checks i suppose, just trying to find a way to do that.

you can actually do that also in standard fields just go to customize form, try doing it in your local first and commit>push it to your prod/live

@johnskywalker Unless im missing something here you cant…

ok sorry, I think you should do doc_events. You create a python file

def your_method(doc,method):
doc.name = “hello world”

edit your hooks.py

look for doc_events, and edit


doc_events = {
“*”: {
“on_update”: “path.to.your_method”,

for full documentation https://frappe.github.io/frappe/user/en/guides/basics/hooks

now you just have to pick the right doc_event

@johnskywalker Thanks for sharing, i know its possible via python, just wondering if there was a neat way to do it via JS. :grin:

Hi @johnskywalker, can you give some help, I have my app and the erpnext, and I want to overwrite a function of erpnext without change the code of erpnext, not overwrite just that the validation of erpnext doesn’t work and the function of my app work; for Example this is my app hooks.py:

doc_events = {
“doctype”: {
“validate”: “myapp.path.validate_qty”

and this my doc.py with the function

from future import unicode_literals
import frappe

from frappe import msgprint

def validate_qty(self, method):
if not 5 > 6:

this validation just work if I erase the function of erpnext. Thanks for any help.

hello @Thiago_Henry you have mentioned if I erase the function of erpnext which function are you saying?

@johnskywalker noo john not you hehe I mentioned that my function that are in my hooks.py just work if I erase the function of erpnext and I want to know if you know some way that I don’t need change the code of erpnext just change the code of my app.
Thanks for reply

hi yes I get it. What I am saying is which line are you getting an error?