Im not able to download the correct .ova file from website

The production.ova file is taking too long to be downloaded and when I try to install it, it comes up with an error.
I have downloaded and imported .ova file before and it worked fine, but now it is not.
I really need to fix this issue asap. Please Help.

Maybe the file became corrupt and didn’t download correctly?

I have tried downloading many many times but the case is same, even tried to uninstall all the files from machine including virtualbox, but still the error is same,
can anyone send me a download which is working proper.

True history man, I cant download any ova or virtual image from the official website, something wrong is happening. I need it for a work of class and I have try to download MANY times all the options but nothing works.

@sunny_pushp @ERPNext_noob, have you checked MD5 sums upon downloading?

Yes and its good, dont get corrupted the dowload.