I'm stuck in setting a global on erpnext desk thru website Erpnext

Please help me for this issue due to still can solve this process.

the pics meaning
“None domain was found.”
“The resource you are looking for is not available.”

What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

I want to try ERPnext for my business. then I sign up and log in at the bottom of the website

Then It pops up to Setup Your Organisation after I fill in my company information.
there have step 1 to step 4

during the setting up, It goes like the topic picture. which now I’m stuck in step 3 which I do not know how to continue. due to I’m not good at programming but I’m interested to use this ERP.

Which Domain\Services did you select if any ?

@support @umair please assist , a potential customer is trying to sign up, system err on domain none : tried signing up myself go the same,although if i esc i was able to manually setup my company , however if i log out and log back in , i get the same popup…