I'm trying to install ERPNext locally on VirtualBox.Please Help!

Hi, I’m new to ubuntu and I’m trying to install erpnext locally using virtualbox from Oracle.

I downloaded the (.ova ) file of Erpnext and imported it into the virtualbox then started the virtual image inside the virtualbox. I entered the login information :

  • username: frappe

  • password: frappe and updated with this :
    cd frappe-bench bench update

I expected it would normally boot after that and access the erpnext with localhost:8080 but in fact nothing happen, it doesn’t boot to linux and this line is the last one I see:
frappe@erpnext:/frappe-bench $

What did I do wrong?

Thanks in advance guys, please help

Have you used Ubuntu before? Do you know how it works and how VM works? You are not going to see anything different.
You need to find the IP address of the VM and access it from your browser.

dcan you try this
frappe-bench$ bench start

and you need ip from your vm to access erpnext in browser.
type: your_ip_vm:8000

Sorry for the late reply. I’m new to VM but I learned the basics I guess. I’m still stuck in the bios/terminal kind of screen, so no access to browser.

Why this is so hard to do :(, the documentation is clearly missing info

Didn’t work.
Does the pre-installed file come the python and mariadb or should I install them separately?

This is extremely frustrating

Check your system time. When I changed my system time it worked for me.

Hi thanks for the reply.
What do you mean by changing time system? I’m not sure I understand.

Computer’s inbuilt time.

It seem you want to get access to the browser inside the VM ???!!!

Please open the browser in your host machine (the VM opened it on the same machine)
then in this browser you can get access to the ERPNext

hope it helps