Image Attachment controller help

I created new controller for custom view , i need to know the event for submitting image (when the file uploaded ) and when the uploaded image removed

this.image_view_field = frappe.ui.form.make_control({
	df: {
			"fieldtype": "AttachImage",
			"fieldname": "Product Image View"

		parent: this.wrapper.find(".products-attach-c")

	this.image_view_field.$input.on("click", function() {

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The image in such cases is stored as a dataurl and needs to be handled by the method that updates the server.

after uploading, check this.image_view_field.get_value()

Hello ,
How could I know when upload complete ?

There is no direct trigger. We always check at the point of form submission.

thanks rmehta that is very helpful