Image items doesn't show on mobile app


i have attached some images on itens they show up when you go to itens, but when you are on pos on mobile app they doesnt show up. is this any size image issue?

Can you share the screenshot of how it looks on mobile?

i will, but it just show like it doesnt have any picture attach

Any news on this issue as now on version 8 the problem still exists?

This from chrome now the one below is from the Mobile App

The issue is still here with both ERPNext Mobile 0.0.8 Android and 0.0.6 on iOS: Added Barcode Field (Read Only) by sumitbhanushali · Pull Request #13 · frappe/mobile · GitHub

In case you guys are still interested in fixing this bugs, you might consider participating in this bounty campaign: Bounty - Fixing bugs and improving mobile experience of ERPNext [Now $50]