Image management in erpnext -- like in this forum (discourse)

This forum software (discourse, by the maker of stack overflow) is one of the best I ever used.

Especially the image handling is superb. I can just make a screenshot with printscreen button (copies display to clipboard), and type ctrl-V to past it in my text … Or grab an image and drop it in the edit window. This image is then ut inline with my other text. Again superb!

I was dissapointed to see that erpnext does not use this system of image handling. Images in erpnext need to be explicitly uploaded from an upload dialog box, and are treated as a list of attachments, not as images visible inline with your text as in discourse.
Also the comments system in erpnext, for example does not allow for inline images.

A picture says more than a thousand words …
Is it possible for erpnext to handle images as in discourse? thanks!

We are working on replacing the text editor with summernote which supports copy/pasting images from the clipboard :slight_smile:

thats very good news!!
will this also replace the editor in the comments system?
for when is it?
which erpnext version?

Comments is still a plain textarea. We can give it some basic Rich text features if the community wants. Please open a feature request on Github for this.

This will be released with ERPNext version 8.

github feature request made! feature request: add rich text and inline images to comments and email textarea · Issue #7603 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub
rich text and inline images in comments would be great!

Especially now that erpnext wants to upgrade its editor to summernote. This would be a great opportunity to add rich text and inline images to the comments textarea too!

For example in ‘erpnext issues’ it can be handy to include screenshots or other imagery inline, so you can discuss the issue alongside the right image.
otherwise you end up with a bunch of attachments that you have to sift through, moreover these are no real attachments but just images.

Thanks !

To make it easy:
You can have one input area (with summernote) for both comments and email, and have a ‘send as email’ check button if you want it to be send as email, otherwise it is just a comment thread.

this is also from a useability/user experience standpoint much easier and consistent.

To save valuable screen estate, especially on small laptops and mobile devices, I would make all initial textarea sizes small (like in comments textarea above) and make them autoexpand as we add more text to them. Is this possible?

The current design was implemented because Emails can be complex. They have attachments, multiple recipients, standard templates, and much more.
Comments are there for less serious conversations.

but how about’ issues’ for example? the discussions are in the comments. If someone wants to clarify something with an image for example (this happens a lot), how do you handle that? (Having a bunch of image attachments at the left side of the screen does not help clarity :slight_smile: )

We ourselves use Issues to manage our support.
Customers can put inline images in the email and it works for us. :slight_smile:

I see, but we use issues a lot internally and for portal users.
It would be good if we had the option to include inline images.
The editor can be restricted in the case of comments to just images and rich text for example.
Maybe add an option to turn features on/off for comments?

yes, will be working on that, as per this issue

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That would be awesome @netchampfaris !