Image Rotation and Zoom

Hello Dears
I want to rotate image or zoom it in invoice “RECEIPT IMAGE PREVIEW”
how can I do that, please
best regards

This question is rather out of scope of current community.

For image manipulating tasks you should use any graphic editing software of your choice. But the thing is, if the quality and size of the image you have locally is the same as the image you attached to your post here, I have a bad news for you — this kind of compression is lossy and you won’t be able to get any better image from it. If it’s obtained from the third party, you should ask sender for a screenshot of higher quality/resolution.

We do not have any feature to zoom in the image, you need to use your device’s zoom in capabilities.

@KanchanChauhan, @strixaluco thank you so much for replying.
the image just as an example.
i care about rotation now, please give me hints to do that.
better screenshot forinvoice image