Image Upload Issue

Hello Guys,

I have faced image uploaded issue in new doc type.
Click on “new” button and added some details after that click on “Attach” button that time message is displayed “Please save the document before uploading.”

It will allow upload image once save the record.
Can any one help


for attach a document, you must save the document. such as image or file.

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if it is solution please mark as solution.

Hello @Ketan.ERPNext ,

I think its core issue.



As per my thinking it’s not bug. We can make core changes and contribute.

Yes Dear,

We can do. Lets Plan to do that changes, you can contribute. it will be helpful for all.
it will be Appreciable.


Hello @bhavikpatel7023, Thanks for reply!!

Thanks @solufy, Yes, I agree with you.