Image upload uncheck Private default

Hello Team,

Could it be possible to uncheck the “Private” image upload by default?



You sure can keep “Private” unchecked by deleting checked option from the input box in your upload.html page. <input type="checkbox">


thanks @KanchanChauhan

Where can i find the location of “upload.html” file?

Would it be overwritten each time i execute #bench update ?

The file is in frappe/public/js/frappe/ui/upload.html

However, it will be an issue during updating. I suggest you create an issue on Github to change the default behaviour.

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great. thank you.
I will post the suggestion on github.

I personally feel in default settings pictures should be private, only if one is willing to share them, they should be made public.


If massuploading images for the webshop, it’s not nice to uncheck few thousand images while uploading them. There should be option to choose the default or a button to uncheck all.