Images failing to upload on website

We’re building our first proper website on erpnext. Its nearly complete.

We’ve been having trouble uploading images since the beginning, we managed to upload 99% of the time after retrying or uploading from files then attaching to the relevant document.

This time image uploads are completely failing. It says uploading for about a minute then the dialogs just disapear without error or any other notification, similar to when its successfully attached. The image is less than 100kb.

I’ve checked the Console, web.error.logs. etc but there’s no indication of the issue. My internet is quite stable. I have had to resor to uploading via ftp and creating new files within the File module.

Any pointers will be appreciated as we’ll be handing over the site to the client soon. I’m using ERPNext v8 and this issue is particular to 1 site. My other sites on this very bench seem fine.


Sorry for the issue caused. There is an issue in attachments though adding an image in the Item master in website seems to be working fine in the test account.

Would you mind sharing the image you are trying to upload, to be able to replicate the issue.

Thank you @ArundhatiS, seems the issue was in my site_config.json. There was a memory size limit which when increased the uploads went through without difficulty.