Images, Header, footer are not coming in PDF

ERPNext: v12.7.0 (version-12)

Frappe Framework: v12.5.0 (version-12)

Host name changed. but still images are not coming in pdf .
Can someone please suggest .

If you have restored your database from some other site, or recently migrated you instance, check if the files have been moved/restored as well along with your database.

Please describe what changed that caused this problem of images not loading. This will help community members help you.

Yes we did data migration .
We change the cloud instance for our application . During that time we took backup from the old one and migrated the same on the new.
After that only the problem started.

You need to backup and restore files as well

Some commands to help you

bench backup-all-sites Backup all sites

  • --with-files Backup site with files

bench restore Restore

  • --with-private-files Restore site with private files (Path to tar file)
  • --with-public-files Restore site with public files (Path to tar file)

For full list refer Bench Commands Cheatsheet