Images in student log


I am trying to upload an image to the student log. It accepts the image, however it doesn’t seem to be be getting stored properly. I tried to check the ‘tabStudent Log’, but couldn’t find any evidence of image getting stored. Wondering whether it is still in beta or I am doing something wrong…

Please check if students image is stored correctly in:

  1. Tools > Files
  2. In the Attachement folder, check for the students image.

When an image or any file is attached to the document, it is actually stored in the Attachment folder.

Thanks @umair,

I could swear it wasn’t working when I tried last time! However, trying it again, I can’t reproduce the same behaviour. Perhaps I might have done something wrong while attaching the image! This time I can clearly see the image getting included in ‘log’ field as <img src=>. I will see if I can reproduce this again. Thanks for your help.