Images Not Included in Quotation Email PDF anymore (or other docs - Sales Order, etc.) - v 11.1.34

Having issues with images inside PDF. Able to see full PDF document with all images when clicking on print icon - includes images for the item, logo from letterhead, etc. However that same document when emailed loses all images including the logo. The text portion of letterhead survives.

Reading the forum posts, I noticed that this could be related to the location reference of images. However, I am able to attach logo and other uploaded files visible under /files/ and also be able to see the same logo image in the PDF document viewer. Does the email use a separate location reference that was somehow corrupted?

I recently switched VPS providers and followed instructions to the T (backup and restore along with files) - and had smooth experience with all logins, documents, images, etc in proper location. However, did not test for this issue. Do not know if it is related to the upgrade fix from last night.

Any guidance on how to resolve is most appreciated… Thanks…

I created quote for an item that has its image from a web link. Emailed that quote from 11.33 , upgraded to 11.34 , emailed it again and the image rendered in both. Created a second quote with a different item, image a link to web URL, and it too rendered ok. No image in the letterhead letterhead.

If your images are on the local filesystem so this may not be that helpful. Was 11.33 on the new VPS and emails with images ok, or did the upgrade to 11.34 and the VPS change coinside?

Thanks for your help. Issue seems related to PDF generation - need to update hosts for wkhtmltopdf to find the files… will revert when fixed. Thanks again.

Solved - added the domains to the /etc/hosts file with the ip address of the container… I had moved to a new setup using a single IP VPS with lxd containers for erp and wordpress and haproxy with ssl termination… so wkhtmltopdf was unable to resolve the domains to the local container ip…my bad. thanks for the support.