IMAP Support for ERPNext

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Does erpNext have IMAP Support or is only POP?




IMAP works well ERPNext support it.

Hope it helps.

Thank you for your reply -

Another question… Do you know of any guide or link that shows how to restore v10 database backups to v12?

Right now there is some faulty

Thank you for the info. And how do I install a fresh v11? All installations I do since last week default to v12.

I have tried using tags as in… $sudo python --production --user frappe --frappe-branch v11.x.x --erpnext-branch v11.x.x

But still the installation defaults in v12.

Any idea?

Try this:

sudo python --production --user frappe --frappe-branch version-11 --erpnext-branch version-11

The branches have been called v9.xx, v10.xx in the past, but now it’s version-11, version-12

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@rmeyer - thank you.

@rmeyer, what is the best approach to build mobile app dashboard that can interact with the erpnext?

This question is too broad to give a good answer. Maybe make a separate thread and describe in detail what problem you’re trying to solve :wink:


I tried

sudo python --production --user frappe --frappe-branch version-11 --erpnext-branch version-11

as shown below, but the installation defaulted to version 12 instead of the desired version 11. See screenshot. Need further investigation? see below

The topic is related with the questions?
Is it not time to open a new topic and close his?

@krnkris, Sure I oblige. Closing this thread now.