[Immutable Ledger] Data Migration Issue

Hello Mates,
Thanks for your amazing work, me and my team surprised after reviewing the system.
We have finally decided to move our ERP System to the ERPNext with old data.

We’ve installed ERPNext v13 and started data migration process. We’ve done setup and imported all master data. In the beginning of importing transactions (Purchase Order > Purchase Receipt) we’ve reliazed the v13 packaged with Immutable Ledger feature. We and our our old transactions are not ready yet for this feature. During the Purchase Receipt import process (Bench CLI) The system throwing error “Backdated Entry Not Allowed”. We can achieve this by shorting values by date, but we everyday posting Backdated Entries from our showrooms and warehouses.

We’re importing last one year’s data:

  • Purchase Orders: 3000+ (10,000 Lines)
  • Purchase Receipts: 5000+ (13,000 Lines)
  • Sale Orders: 300,000+
  • Journals: 700,000+

Master Data:

  • Items: 10,000+
  • Warehouses: 40+
  • Employees 500+ with Auto Attendance

Now, If you have a plan to release a version with option for toggle the Immutable Ledger, we will wait with an approximate time of release.

Otherwise please guide us how can we downgrade the system to v12.

Thanks again for your kind support.

I can’t comment on the rest of your post, but regarding downgrades, it isn’t possible to downgrade.

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That’s mean we are in trouble :frowning:

Thanks @felix


To Downgrade

  • Take backup bench backup --with-files
  • Manually export CSV for all doctypes you have imported bench export-csv {your-doctype-imported} /home/frappe/frappe-bench/{your-doctype}.csv
  • Uninstall the database bench --site {your-site-name} drop-site
  • Switch branch bench switch-branch version-12
  • Reinstall requirements bench setup requirements
  • Reinstall the site bench new-site { your-site-name}
  • Make the setup
  • Start import your CSV’s using Data Import Legacy
  • Make the adjustments on the template when needed

Thank you very much @max_morais_dmm

Is there any way I can export all DOCTYPE with data at once?

@hiimkhaled no you need export one by one

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