Implement ERPNext for Time Based Service

Hello All.

My client in in the service based industry. I’m considering recommending ERPNext for their operations. They basically sell time (such as TV and Radio adverts). While everything else has been sufficiently covered, Inventory and Items is a bit difficult to map here.

Assuming the inventory (or Stocks) in this case is time, suggestions are most welcome on the best way to go about implementing its management.

The requirement is that:

  1. The client should not be able to sell overlapping time slots (validated at the Sales Order stage)
  2. There should be a calendar view to see all currently occupied or free time slots in a given period. The calendar is like ‘Stock Summary’ report.
  3. Is a client has bought say 10 slots and has currently used up only 4, there should be a report of this as well.

Any input is highly appreciated.



You can customize time sheet, you can create hook on sales order for check overlapping, There is calendar view available in timesheet. You can create report based on your requirement.

@dkeith Yes, as suggested by @bhavikpatel7023 Timesheet can be used here.

But one question… Is the billing happening on Project / Timesheet based ?


Parth Joshi


Based on Timesheet, You can make salary slip or sales invoice where project is optional.

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Thanks alot guys. I’m not sure how the Timesheet will work but I’m looking into the SO, Project angle.
When a client places a SO for a specific time slot for a given period, a project can be created to run Ads between then.