Implementation Cost

Can someone give me approx. figure for erpnext implementation?

The company is present in 2 countries (India and Qatar) and has 5 different production/distribution
Total employee strength less than 100. Looking to implementing all most all the features and might need some kind of customization.

Hi , im from indonesia , for implementation est we should know the exact things we need to do…
see official erpnext pricing ERPNext Pricing 2022 … you can always ask them…

or if you want me as freelance to do it… you might as well PM me , and we will talk about it…

for my experience on my client at indonesia , manufacure company will take at least 3 month excluding training period…


Thanks bobzz_zone but I knew about that.
What I am asking is a typical implementation cost such as business process mapping, setup, data migration, testing, reconciliation, etc.
How much it cost for a size like ours (2 countries - 5 location, less than 100 employee… around 10,000+ items)

We have taken many implementations till date. We can definitely help you in proceeding further. For calculating cost and efforts, we need to understand the process which you would like to implement using ERPNext. I kindly request you to share your process document, so we can estimate the work. Else I can share you template to capture the requirement.

Please drop me email on for further discussion.

Thanks & Regards,
Kanhaiya Kale
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt Ltd

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Thanks. I have sent you a mail.
I am not looking for an exact figure…Just asking for
a rough estimation for our size.
Is it going to be 50k-100k, 10k-15k or 5k-8k or 2k-5k
Is there anybody who has done real implementation and can help me!!!


You can start implementing your own.

  1. Read instruction here
    Frappe Cloud
  2. see demo
  3. create free a/c or buy one instance here ERPNext Pricing 2022
  4. run test cycle
    i) Create your first Customer, Supplier and Item. Add a few more so you get familiar with them
    ii) Create Customer Groups, Item Groups, Warehouses, Supplier Groups, so that you can classify your Items.
    iii) Complete a standard sales cycle - Lead > Opportunity > Quotation > Sales Order > Delivery Note > Sales Invoice > Payment
    (Journal Entry)
    iv) Complete a standard purchase cycle - Material Request > Purchase Order > Purchase Receipt > Payment (Journal Entry).
    v) Replicate a real life scenario into the system.

Major customization you can do your own like …
a) Adding new fields
b) Adding validations to enter data
c) Adding new print format to print invoices and delivery note.
d) Creating Report

If you need some help in implementing ERPNext you can post job on or find service provider

Cost can be vary depending on level of customization and integrations.
You will get some idea here



@erpExpert : the best answer would be in the form of man days. You can then cost using what ever day rate you set

This is a +/- 45 day project within 20 % accuracy .

The one database will be your template database with all business processes and customisations which you will then replicate to the other country

@erpExpert I would be really hard unless you specify what kind of customization do you need. You should try doing a few sales, purchase cycles and see what kind of help do you need.

Thank you all for your suggestions, answers and comments.
I 'll check out the demo.

I hate customization in any product because of the issue of maintenance and up-gradation.
So except report & document prints (such as purchase order print, invoice print ), I dont intend to do any customization. If anything is really missing then I would prefer to sponsor that to be included in core features.

If I consider he 45 days suggestion and 2-3 resources with avg $30 /hr then the implementation 'll cost approx $25K.
Is this a good rough estimation (though looks high to me)

@erpExpert i think spesification of customization is required for us to tell you est cost and time… but with my experience if you do not need any customization… it will take approx 40 work days (@8 hours a day)


@erpExpert $25k is too high. I think $100 for a custom print or report should be fair on an average.

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@erpExpert im agreed with @rmehta …
the time is took long for define the problem and make customization to solve it… for roles , print format , and reports will take very shortly…
i assume …
1 hour for a print format or a report (depends on its complex)…
for roles … i think for create and test it … will take 2 hours for a roles…(depends on how complex is your roles)

Thank you for the Reply !