Implementation ERP Next for Water Distribution Company in Kenya

I heard that there is a project to implement ERP Next at above mentioned company.

If I am right Navaisha has been occupied with this.

If needed you can ask me.

Hi UbuntuFrans,

Well not really a water distribution company but a (government) Water Management Authority (WRMA).
However, since also raw water is to be paid in Kenya, the financial transactions are similar to a water utility.
Further, for specific reasons, the realy implementation is still a waiting final approval

rgds robert becht

Hi Ubuntu Frans,

I am interested on how to come up with the above. Please guide me.

What you want to know? Who are the customers and who are the suppliers?

First let me know whether customers are selling water through a water meter?

Yes they are selling through a water meter. I want to know how to customize the erpnext sales invoice inorder to get the meter readings field and the start and end date of accounting fields. Thanks

First of all it is important to know whether the individual meters are read
every month, two months or three months (or maybe more)?

The product name will be the number of the meter.

Then you can add four columns in database 1. date previous read 2. previous
read usage 3. date recent read 4. recent read usage 4. minus 2 is quantity
(this column is in table

Unit of measurement should be changed into M3. The tables should be chaned
in MariaDB.

I would do this:

  1. Create new DocTypes “Water Meter” and “Meter Reading”, Meter Reading Linked to Water Meter and Water Meter linked to Customer
  2. Every month, a new Meter Reading is submitted, substract the previous index reading from its own reading to get the consumed quantity
  3. Create a Sales Invoice with water consumption as item and quantity from 2). Probably add a few more items such as meter rent and taxes
  4. You can add a Costum Field on Sales Invoice to link to the Meter Reading for reference
  5. Send a notification to customer

Thanks I will try this

Many thanks, I will try out and find if it works out

@RWEMA_Aimable 1.When the sales invoice is to be raised after you have submitted the new Meter reading will the consumed quantity be automatically populated in the sales invoice.
2.Are you going to make Sales invoice as one of the action performable(Action-drop down) from the submitted Meter reading.
Kindly advice

  1. Yes, it will be done automatically, when a new Meter Reading is created. The quantity would be then fed into the invoice. I guess you have thousands of subscribers, so most of the actions need to be automated. I would also suggest to make the Meter Reading submittable so that the invoice would be generated on_submit. In case of the unavoidable adjustments, the reading and its invoice would be amended manually.

  2. Yes, you can add it there, in addition to automated actions.

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The company in Kenya working on this is Upande a Kenya based IT company owned @Mark_de_Blois… Dutch like @Ubuntu_Frans …and myself

The experience I shared is how it is done in Rwanda. Though the backend is not ERPNext, the logic is the same

Dear All,

Great you share your knowledge and expertise.

I think depending on the number of (increasing) data that later db should
be migrated to Postgresql, as Mariadb is relatively quite small in
comparison to Postgres.

Maybe this is a good solution.

Is water in Kenya prepaid or postpaid?

Mostly postpaid