Implementation Experience and Feature Requests for Manufacturing organisation

I’ve been following ERPNext since a very long time. It is great to see the progress ERPNext is making.
It is definitely the best out there for small companies! It just feels light and simple, yet has so much functionality.
We have a small manufacturing setup but do a lot of things - including plastics, sheet metal & painting.

I Finally implemented a 2 company multi-tenant setup, where one company manufactures and the other is trading, about 6 months ago. However, I soon realized that using the standard, manufacturing, workstation, planning tool was not going to work.

(I chose a multi-tenant setup, as it was easier to setup default warehouses, user-permissions to company, etc. much faster and easier to set-up and get running! This is something others on the forum have also shared. Although this has its disadvantages of not having consolidated statements, shared customers, etc.
This feature however can make things quite simple, and help automate things in a lot of forms, in almost all the modules.


The session by @JayRam at conference 2016, basically summarizes my experience of trials of last 6 months. I am just using the “repack” stock entry to enter production data, without any labour or other costs in consideration.

In terms of manufacturing, what I understand is that ERPNext is meant for “make to order” and not “make to stock” as stated in the user manual, and this is exactly why it is not suitable for discrete manufacturing organizations.

Btw, Great effort on features like editable tables in v7! This has made a huge difference in the ‘ease of use’, drastically reducing the number of clicks!
There is a similar enhancement I believe many would love to have!
I was going through this manufacturing module video of odoo, where this came up -

I see this enhancement being used to select multiple items and apply action to them in one go almost everywhere. Be it converting delivery notes to sales invoices, material requests to purchase orders, purchase receipts to invoices, etc.

Would love to be involved in the development of manufacturing module!

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This is already on the list!