Implementation for Radiology and Imaging Center

I am new to ERPNext & I am trying my hand on setting up the system for a Radiology and Imaging Center.
It is not a hospital but a scanning center.

I have few noob questions:

1- Can I define certain materials to be released form the stock to be used for the scan?
2- The workflow is as follows:
a- The patient is assigned to a specialist to perform the scan.
b- Then the scan is directed to a doctor to write the diagnostic report.
c- The report is saved & a link to the online report is printed on the invoice with system-generated username & password.

Anyone implemented ERPNext for such installation.


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At the moment appointments for radiology is not supported, but you can work around by making use of Clinical Procedure to achieve the requirement.

Healthcare module allows you to create appointments for Clinical Procedure and also record stock consumption while performing the procedure. To capture the results, you’ll need to add custom fields. You may also want to apply a translation to appropriately name the document.

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Thanks for your reply,
Any guide lines to or tutorials for your suggestions?

Thanks again for your help.

Hi, here are some documentation links, hope these should help -

Clinical Procedure
Clinical Procedure Template

Also, there are plenty of videos on youtube please check.


I’ll give it a go
Thank you very much Anoop,

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