[Implementation] simple school


I’m new to ERPNext and am trying to implement it for the first time.

This is for managing a small ‘school’ (pilates, yoga, hosting talks and workshops) .

I would really like to use the schools module and customize it but I have no idea how. Can you give some tips/insights, please?

Here is what:

  • Instead of courses with programs they just have courses: Eg. Pilates at 7h on main hall or Pilates at 18h on small room.
  • There’s no need for Assessment or Applications. People are just enrolled as they join a course.
  • Should be possible to join different courses: Eg. Pilates at 7h and Pilates at 18h.
  • How to have one time workshops with instructors and such? Do I need to create an app?

I am really excited with ERPNext! :smiley:

any suggestions are welcome.

For one time workshops maybe you can try to use Training Module functionality