Implementing a Marketplace Billing Model in ERPNext 14


I’m looking for a way to implement a marketplace billing model in ERPNext 14, similar to the model that Amazon uses with its third-party merchants. In our business model, we act as a marketplace where suppliers (or merchants) sell their products directly to customers. We don’t hold any inventory; instead, we facilitate the transactions between the suppliers and customers.

The specific functionality I’m looking for is the ability for suppliers to directly bill customers through our platform. We would like to generate bills on behalf of the suppliers and send these bills to the customers. Essentially, we need ERPNext to manage the billing process between suppliers and customers while we oversee the transactions.

Does ERPNext 14 support this kind of functionality out of the box? If not, are there any workarounds or customizations that you could recommend?

Thank you in advance for your guidance.


A major part of your requirement can be handled out of box. Please check the ERPNext Drop Shipping: Drop Ship (


@Sagar_Garg You are asking a very generic question. No one here will be able to give a business solution to your problem.

ErpNext being an opensource project. You will have to spend time in exploring the system whether it suits your needs or not.

Once you do that, you can ask specific question that you need to ask to cross a certain hurdle.

Otherwise you will spend a lot of time only looking for generic answers.

to answer your question quickly, if you want to know if Erpnext can be used as Amazon platform, the answer is no.