Implementing ERPNext for a restaurant

I am attempting to use ERPNext for a restaurant. I understand I can just use the hospitality module, but I am attempting to setup BOMs for all the products, to track inventory.

The workflow begins to get difficult when attempting to do this. From my research and understanding, I have to create a work order for every item in a sales order. This would become incredibly labour intensive and ineffective when a single sales order has 8-10 items.

Is there a way to make a single work order have multiple items, or is there a way to bypass it?


Hi there,

Using the manufacturing workflow for restaurant orders seems unnecessarily complicated.

You might consider product bundle as an alternative.

You may get some inspiration from this:

Hi. Due to my experience working with restaurant clients, I agree with Peterg. Product bundle is the best and easy choise.

Nice… so the items are the ingredients and the dish in menu is the bundle :+1:

Now… can we do bundle of bundles? For example for package menu (dish + drink, or main + dessert)

does this setup print kitchen printers

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I never tried bundle of bundles and i don´t know if it is posibile but I think this is nota a good practice. Just make a bundle with all the packege ingredients.
We use variants too to deal with diferents dressings or ingredients for the same dish.
Maybe you may need to play around with these settings to see which one fits your procedures best.