Implementing ERPNext for Consulting Enterprise

Hi guys, I’m writing from Argentina and I need some guide / advise on how to implement this great ERP for an Enterprise that sells service of consultants to other enterprises.

The idea is this:
The enterprise A has some employees, every employee has his own category and hourly rate for billing, apart of employees, the enterprise A has to some external consultant that works for it for an hourly rate too.

The enterprise A bill to his customers for each our of each consultant, no matter if the consultant is an employee o an external people.

Every client buys the service for a project for an amount of time or amount of hours, the potentials hours in a month depends on of the presence of the consultant and the holidays in the months.

I need some advice on how to design this implementation.

I have these thoughts.
1- Import Holidays
2- The internal consultants are employees with salary or hourly rate.
3- The external consultants are providers … here I’m completely lost.
4- Create one or more projects per clients and assign to it every consultant.
5- Every consultant needs a timesheet to load his hours.
6- Make a report or document for the client with the hour report.
7- If the client approves the report or document, I’ll make the bill for every hour in the timesheet.

Thank you in advance.
Best Regards
PD: Sorry for my English, please be patient.

Hi Hernan…It seems Frappe/Erpnext has everything you need to design your solution.

Do you need technical pointers (ie. customizing your system, creating modules, etc) or just a general overview or implementation ideas?

Dejame saber cualquier cosa en la que pueda ayudarte…Mandame un mensaje si ocupas alguna ayuda.

Ruben desde Mexico

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Hi Ruben

I don’t know if we need to respect the language of the original post or not, I’ll try to asnwer you in both (Spanish and English).

At this point I need some guide on how to configure the system to meet my needs, I mean, for example, first HR (employee, salary, etc), next accounts and so on.

En este punto necesito algo de guía en que cosas debo configurar primero, por ejemplo: 1- HR ( empleados, nómina, etc), 2- Cuentas, etc

Muchas Gracias de antemano.

Hernán desde Argentina

ERPNext Implementation Strategy

You could start from here and as doubts ask them here and somebody would help you

Hi root13f,

Thanks for your answer.

I already read many chapters of the manual (Introduction, setup and many modules) but I’m a bit stuck, probably because I miss something, for that reason I’m asking for somethings like a checklist o step list like:

1- Do this first.

2- Do this second.

N- So on.

Thank you for your answers again.

Best Regards


@Hernan Were you ever able to accopmplish this?


(After posting I realized it is a very old post - rather than removing, I am keeping it as it just in case it might be of help to someone else).

I would have done the following if faced with the problem statement that you mentioned:
(assuming you have not already figured these out - the documentation is brilliant and spot-on in most cases)

There are three modules in ERPNext which might work for you:

  1. Projects
  2. HR
  3. Selling (Sales Invoice)

The link between Projects and Selling is Timesheet.
The link between Projects and HR is ‘Employee’ - who can either be internal or external.

So, one of the stategy could be:

  1. For each customer, who has come with a project, create a Sale Order and an equivalent project. Assign members to the project (permissions) so it accessible for timesheet and task breakdowns.
  2. Irrespective of the consultant working (employee or external), timesheet can be accessible (as Desk or Portal) and ask the consultant to file the sheet.
  3. Create a Sales Invoice based on the Project timesheet data which will include the hours spent by all consultant combined. Rate is defined based on the hourly rate.
  4. For paying the consultant - if an employee then it becomes Salary (Timesheet → HR → Salary) and if that is an external consultant it becomes Purchase Invoice (timesheet → Purchase Invoice (*))

(*) I have not done this myself so not sure of this.

@shreyansh Thanks for your reply. I am following your guidelines. Only issue I am having right now is how to I disable time part in timesheet. Our consultant just give no. of hours work on a given day, not a start stop time.