Implementing Primary and Secondary Sales

Hello, I am using ErpNext and I belong to an FMCG company consisting of Primary Sales and Secondary Sales.

All functionalities present are helpful to me.

I am facing one issue from an implementation point of view.

  1. I am having a Primary Sales and Secondary Sales. For Primary Sales, my Sales Managers would be selling to my Primary customers which are dealers and distributors.

For Secondary Sales, my Sales Person would be going and selling or taking orders of the my items in the market but the invoicing and delivery would be done by our Dealer/Distributors it would be the Secondary sales and will be deducted from the Items I sold to that particular dealer/Distributor. In this way, I will have control and monitoring of my Dealer how much stock he is holding.
But they would be invoiced by my distributor since he is fulfilling the delivery and distributing the goods which he purchased from me.

I would be giving access to my Sales Person to manage the orders since there would be at least 40 Sales order a day per Salesperson. This salesperson would take the orders and then
I need a suggestion on how can I show just these sales orders to my distributor.

What I thought and found on the forum:

  • I can create a user and give him(dealer) access But I want to then restrict the Sales Order based on territory and Sales Person as a particular Salesperson would be taking orders for a specific territory and a dealer/distributor so when the user who would be the dealer should only be able to view the sales orders taken by a specific salesperson.
  • Another suggestion which I found on the forum was to create a warehouse for specific distributor/dealer. But in this situation, the stock entry and deduction is based on the sales invoice which would ideally not be on my company since it would be billed and delivered by my Dealer(As this is Secondary Sales).

Now I want to use ERPNext for Primary Sales(which I am using ) and for Secondary Sales(for which I am posting the question) as well as that is where I need to use functionalities and data intelligence and other features such as Loyalty points which many huge companies such as HUL or MARICO use.

Also, suggest me if one can restrict a user based on Sales Person or Territory.

If anyone can find a solution to my problem than this solution can attract many FMCG companies to use ERPNext as their system for all the details.

Any reply in this query??