Implementing Time limited access to anonymous website user

Hi folks,
I have a requirement to create an non-user anonymous user that can access a given portal page. And the life time of the access to such a portal page should be restricted as well.

Following is the detailed requirement:

An anonymous user should be able to view a web page in portal without the need for authorization.

That is, in fact, we do not need to create anonymous user as a user in our frappe. He should be able to follow the link that the is shared with him without any additional action. But the lifetime of such a link must be limited.

And if the website user wants to block access to the portal page using this link, we need to block this link.

Appreciate any pointers to solve this problem.

You are talking about after the anonymous user accessed the web page or certain days passed, the admin would like to have easy way to block anonymous user accessing this same web page while allowing normal users who logged in system access?

if this the case, you can consider attaching a token to the web page and embed the token in the url, then in the backend python code to check the token for anonymous access, the admin can change the token as needed to block anonymous access.