Import Address Data

Hallo, i want to import the data of my customers.
So i can set up a .csv-file.

Now i want to know, how to import - because in erpnext i have customers, contacs and adresses.

How should this work, i am interested to learn. In this case, i only want to import customers.
Do i have to separate the data of the contact person and the customer (company)? what is, if the customer ist only one person? is it the contact also as the customer?

In this moment i thought i understood, i found the field “sex” in the customer data. I thought, the customer is the company?

You see, it is a little bit complicated - just to the moment, somebody helps me to understand

Thanks a lot.


In the Address master, you will find option to update Customer or Supplier name. Attached below is the sample format of Contact master which explains how to link a Contact with a Customer or Supplier. You will find same table in the Address Masters and details should be entered on the same lines.

For the ease in entering data in the excel file, you can first enter some Addresses manually from the Customer/Supplier master.

Hallo, very nice - thanks.
Where to find the master-Excel-Sheet?
Inside ERP-Next?

Please check following link

Ah, yes, thanks a lot