Import an Item List in a PO

Weekly I execute the following task for many year>>
Type into PO the invoice received. Run retrieve last purchase price…so I immediately see changes in purchase price. This i followed by Received, Invoice, Payment. The standard purchase workflow thus.

In the past just received a mail with invoice attached as pdf. Recently, my supplier added a summary as a table in the mail body.

One can copy/paste this table into Google Sheets without any processing. Copy/paste and the table is correctly in the sheet with correct columns.

Translate the supplier items code/description in my Erpnext code and import the table and done I thought.Wrong.

Unfortunately this is not the case.
The input template for a PO table one can easily get by saving the item table from an existing invoice. To my surprise this is a table with some 50 fields (column A to BW in the spreadsheet).
If one uploads a such file with only the Item Code it works fine. BUT…all fields that are default when entering manually are left blank.
Entering the fields such as UoM, Expense account and tax template is not enough.Even the detailed Item_tax_rate is to be provided.

Of course this can all be done in a spreadsheet, but it comes down to maintaining the complete Items Table in Gsheet or Excell and a lot of processing using the simple database functionalities of Excel/Gsheets.

I suggest that the import of a table in a document (PO,SO, Invoice etc) has two modes:
1. The current one that allows the filling of many fields
2. A mode that mimics manual data entry: thus input with a simple file containing only the fields>> item code, quantity and price.

The switch to select option 1. or 2.can be either before upload (a choice how to upload) or after with an action (like retrieve previous purchae price in the PO) but now Retrieve Default Settings


This mode is already existed. You can prepare the Gsheet with exact columns of PO Item Grids, and copy paste the table in the ERPNext like you are copy pasting in excel and it will work like a charm.


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Hi Mangroliya,
Tried it right now.Brilliant.
So wasted lots of time. 1) developing the spreadsheet and even much more the weekly entering of the invoices of my main supplier.
That is the the disadvantage of being one of Erpnext oldest subscribers,executing since 2012 the same routines, and missing important new functionality.
As a matter of curiosity…I was recently upgraded to V14 by Frappe. Was this alsopossible in V13??
Anyway, thanks tremendously

this excel copy paste feature was originally contributed by myself, it is available from v12 as far as I remember,

@szufisher Eyeeeee…this is painful!!!
Every week entering a list 20 to30 items,with usual typos…checking my list with the supplier list until the total prices match. This are not hours wasted but days. Thanks for this extremely useful functionality, best Robert